There are many different types of shutters available for your London home or business – picking the right design is key to your comfort and style! LondonBlinds4U supply only the best quality London shutters in made to measure sizes, to ensure a perfect and lasting fit every time.

Tier on Tier Shutters

This type of shutter is basically one shutter fixed above another shutter, giving you the option of controlling the slats individually. For example, you may wish to close the bottom half slats for privacy but keep the top tier slats open to allow light into the room. Tier on Tier Shutters offer flexibility for varied use.


Cafe Style Shutters

This type of shutter is normally fitted at half height from the window sill upwards. Cafe style shutters, as the name suggests, are commonly used in restaurants and other catering environments. However, they are also suited for use in homes; the great benefit of these shutters is that they let plenty of light into any room but provide privacy from the base where the shutter is fitted.

Full Height Shutters

Full height is the most common type of shutter you may come across day to day. These shutters cover the whole of the window. Various options available for full height shutters, one being the option of having a mid-rail.

Mid-rails are added to full height shutters for taller windows to strengthen the shutter; they also allow you to operate the upper and lower slats individually, giving you maximum light and privacy control for your London property.


Tracked Systems & Bi-Fold Shutters

For big glass windows, such as French doors and patio doors, sliding shutters on tracked systems or bi-fold shutters are a wise choice. These shutters are easily folded back to one side for practicality and ease of access through doorways or sliding doors.

Fitting Your Perfect Shutters

Book an appointment today with one of our experienced advisors and we will advise you on what is the best type of shutter for your windows. We use no sales techniques, just straightforward guidance and realistic price quotes.

We offer a free onsite visit and go through the different types of shutters available with you. We can also match wooden Venetian blinds to complement the shutters for those awkward windows to which shutters cannot be fitted.

Our shutters are made from high-quality basswood and are also available in PVC (faux wood) for increased strength. This option is also more environmentally friendly. All our London shutters are available in various slat sizes, including 47mm, 63mm, 89mm & 114mm. LondonBlinds4U shutters are available in various finishes including whites, off-whites and various wood finishes.


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