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How Interior Colours Affect Your Mood

Do you ever find that spending time in some rooms can make you feel a certain way? Whether it’s cosy, happy, energetic or sleepy, the colours in a room can really affect the way you are feeling. The psychological impact of colours on individuals is a real thing, with plenty of research undertaken to prove this. Research shows that certain colours bring about distinctly different emotions and behavioural changes within ourselves. If there are certain moods you would prefer to feel in different rooms in your house, then using colour psychology is a great way to motivate this. Keep reading for information on how interior colours affect your mood.


Colour Psychology for Interior Design



Neutral colours are great as background colours as they allow your other colour choices to stand out. You can use black, grey and white to contrast with other bold colours you have featured in your room, preventing it from feeling too one dimensional. Some typical interior neutral colours are:




Warm colours often lead to feelings of happiness, optimism and energy when you are spending time surrounded by these colours. This is great for a living room, play room or office, creating a happy and productive environment. Some typical interior warm colours are:




Cool interior colours are typically calming and soothing, making them perfect for bedrooms and bathrooms. Opt for one of these colours if you are hoping for a relaxed environment that lets off a calming sensation. Some typical interior cool colours are:



If you are looking to redecorate your home you should definitely consider colour psychology. Use this blog post to guide you in your colour choices to help make a room evoke the emotions you hope to feel.

You can incorporate these colours with our blinds and shutters to help further inspire the mood you are aiming to feel. If you are on the hunt for luxurious blinds or shutters at a reasonable price, get in touch with us today!

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Made to Measure Blinds London


When it comes to finding the best blinds for your business or home, it may be tempting to order a cheap blind only available in certain sizes. These blinds can look great under certain circumstances, but can also come with pitfalls, especially when you don’t do your research and order a size or style that just doesn’t work! A great alternative is made to measure blinds.

What are Made to Measure Blinds?

Made to measure blinds are blinds that are custom-made to fit windows or French doors perfectly. Though they can be more expensive than ready-made blinds, but are worth the extra spend if you’re looking for great quality blinds that last for years.

Why Choose Made to Measure Blinds?

This style of blind is particularly suited to unusually sized or shaped windows where a readymade solution just isn’t available. Besides this, made to measure blinds also create the perfect fit to the window, meaning they’re brilliant for blocking light (made to measure blackout blinds really are the way to go in this respect!) Here are some more reasons why to go for blinds that are made to measure:

Made to Measure Blinds Save Energy

When your blinds are the perfect fit for your windows, you’ll be keeping in (or out) more heat than with a blind that leaves gaps. This is particularly true for roller and roman blinds, which are often used in bedrooms for their blackout and thermal properties.

Custom Made Blinds Look Great

When you choose custom-made blinds with professional installation, you’ll be getting the best results for your windows and your space will look great. Our blinds are of the highest quality and our experienced blind fitters can install your London blinds efficiently and perfectly.

Made to Measure Blinds London

LondonBlinds4U are made to measure blind specialists for the Greater London area; we can provide you with a free design consultation to help choose the best custom-made blinds or shutters for your business or home. Contact us today if you have any questions about made to measure blinds or if you would like to book a consultation.

To learn more about our blinds, visit our blinds FAQs page.

Roller Blinds or Venetian Blinds

When you’re looking for new blinds for your London business or home, you may not immediately have a style in mind, but it’s undeniable that roller blinds and Venetian blinds are two of the most popular types of blind available.

Roller Blinds vs Venetian Blinds

If you’re not sure whether rollers or Venetians will be better for your particular space, we’ve put together this handy guide to help you decide!

When to Choose Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds London

Roller blinds are a great choice in particular for the home, where their blackout, waterproof, and thermal properties can be a real plus. Here are some situations where roller blinds may be the best choice for you:

Bedroom Blinds

Roller blinds are incredibly popular for bedrooms and we’ve installed many in homes across London. With thermal and blackout options available, roller blinds can help block out light and keep heat in during the winter months and out during the summer. This makes them a great choice for keeping your bedroom comfortable and temperate year-round, as well as letting you sleep in longer in the morning!

Bathroom Blinds

Roller blinds can also be waterproof, making them ideal for bathrooms too, where you’ll want blinds that are resistant to damp and mould. Maintain your privacy and comfort with a roller blind while adding a splash of colour with a bright shade or bold design.

Kitchen Blinds

A waterproof roller blind can also be a fantastic choice for the kitchen, where you can get water from the tap or condensation from cooking. Neat and tidy roller blinds can also save you space to use for utensils, plants and decorations instead.

All our blinds are made to measure (find out more…)

When to Choose Venetian Blinds

Wooden Venetian Blinds London

Venetian blinds look great in a professional environment or in the home, whether you’re looking for charming wooden Venetians or modern aluminium Venetian blinds. Here are some examples where you may want to consider this style:

Office Blinds

Venetians are a classic style for offices and this is one of our most popularly requested styles for businesses across Greater London. Made to measure, professionally installed Venetian blinds will look subtle and professional in an office environment or for a customer-facing business.

Living Room Blinds

Wooden Venetian blinds can create a modern yet cosy look in your living room or any space where you go to relax. It’s also nice to have the option to close the blinds while still letting in some natural light, which you can achieve with this style.


Roller Blinds or Venetian Blinds? Get in Touch!

We can help you choose the best blinds or shutters for your space with a free consultation at a time of your convenience across the London area. Get in touch with LondonBlinds4U to learn more about our custom order blinds and professional fitting services.