Choosing Blinds For Full-Length Windows & Doors

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Full length windows and other large glazed areas, like patio doors or bi-fold doors, bring so many benefits to a room. They let in more light than other kinds of windows, they highlight beautiful views and improve the general aesthetic of a space. However, to really make the most of your full length windows or patio doors, choosing the right blind is essential.


Selecting the perfect blind could add elegance, emphasise the view, improve the look and help you to control light and privacy levels in your home.

Vitra Flame Red Vertical Window Blind


Blind Colour


It’s important to consider what colour blind you’re choosing. Because the window is so large, when the blind is closed, this colour could easily dominate the room. You can use this to your advantage depending on what kind of room you have and what look you want to achieve.


A lot of people choose a lighter colour for their blind. Large, full-length windows help to make rooms feel light, so choosing a light colour plays on this to make sure the room feels spacious even when the blinds are closed.


However, you could also choose a bold, statement colour. This works really well if the rest of the room is more muted. Choose a colour that compliments your interior design scheme, as well as your lighting. The blinds are most likely to be closed at night and therefore you want something that looks good in the light you use in the evening!


Dark colours are great for bedrooms if you’re looking to keep out the light. You can get blackout blinds in any colour, which are highly effective, but the dark colours have an even better blackout effect. It’s likely you’ll only really need this in your bedroom, but it can of course be helpful to other rooms too. 


Be careful with this one though. If your bedroom already has a lot of dark colours, a dark blind on a full-length window could make it feel small or claustrobic.


Type of Blind

The type of blind is just as important as the colour. It ensures that you can use your window or door as effectively as possible, and also enhances the look of the room, the window and the view!


It will depend on exactly what you want from your blind as to which will work best, as well as how the window or door operates — you want to still be able to use the window or door even when the blind is closed!


Controlling Light Levels

Full-length windows and patio doors are designed to let in plenty of light. This is brilliant in a lot of ways, but there’ll be times when you want to better control the levels of light in your space. Whether it’s to reduce glare or control heat, choosing a blind that gives you complete control over light levels is a great choice.


Vertical and Venetian Blinds

These two blinds are popular choices for windows of all sizes. They feature multiple slats (louvres) that can be completely pulled aside to reveal the whole window or can be rotated and adjusted to certain angles. This is great for controlling light. You can still let light into your room, while directing the glare so it’s not a nuisance! 


It’s also really helpful when you want a bit of privacy but still want to let light in. You can close the blind but adjust the louvres to still let in light.


When it comes to selecting from vertical or venetian blinds for your full length window, it’s often the vertical blind that comes out on top. They look really elegant on large windows, highlighting the length and creating a really beautiful aesthetic.


Roller Blinds

Roller blinds provide less flexibility over light compared to vertical blinds, but they are generally more effective at blocking out light completely. This is often ideal for spaces that you want to be able to keep dark, like a bedroom, but it works in other spaces too.


A roller blind rolls up neatly out of the way when you don’t want it down so you can make the most of those beautiful large windows!



We’ve already mentioned that vertical blinds are a great choice for privacy and light control, but there are other options that are also great for this.


Vision or ‘Day And Night’ Blinds

Vision blinds are a great way to let light into your home while protecting your privacy. Or similarly, being able to enjoy the view through your windows while still having the blind closed to reduce glare.


They have two layers, one translucent and one opaque, so the blind can be closed but light can still enter. You can then adjust the layers to close the blind completely, so it’s all opaque, or reduce glare while still being able to see outside.



Instead of a blind, you could consider a shutter. Full height shutters can be fitted with mid-rails so you to operate the upper and lower slats individually. This gives brilliant privacy control while also allowing light to enter the room. Not only can the slats be adjusted, but the shutter can also be opened completely so you can enjoy the view outside.


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