Christmas Window Ideas for the Home!

LondonBlinds4U, as leading blinds experts in London, are passionate about all things windows. We love seeing the Christmas displays in shop windows with fake frost, twinkling lights and colourful fabrics draped around, but even more special are the home window displays. We have all the best Christmas window ideas for your home. Whether your blind is up or down, your window should look fantastic this season!

Window Decorations



Silhouettes are a great way to decorate your window for Christmas. One of the best ways to do it is to cut large shapes and letters out of black paper. Put them in your window and whenever the lights are on, you’ll have a fantastic Christmas display.


There are so many silhouette displays you could try depending on how creative you are (and how much black paper you have!). If you like simplicity, why not cut a handful of stars out of black paper? It’s easy and effective.


You could also have a go at writing simple words such as ‘joy’. Cut the letters out of paper and stick them up — but be sure to stick them right way around so they can be read from the outside! You could even go for a full Christmas scene with reindeers and sleighs. Silhouettes are a fantastic way to make your window look fantastic and festive this season.


‘Stained glass’

You can create a stain glass effect on your window at home using coloured tissue paper. Cut the different tissue paper into shapes to create a scene or image on your window. Turn the lights on inside, but put your blind down for the best effect. If the lights aren’t bright enough with your blind down, try putting extra lights against the window behind the blind.


Paper Snowflakes


Paper snowflakes can add to a silhouette scene, but they make fantastic window decorations just on their own. Fold a square of paper into even triangles and curve the end so it’s wedge-shaped. Cut patterns into the folded sides to create beautiful snowflakes.


You can stick them directly to the glass using white tack (watch out for sticky residue marks though). Or you can tie the snowflakes together with string and hang them in your window.



Wreaths are a classic way to decorate your window. The most traditional way to display a wreath is on a door, but it’s also extremely popular to hang them on windows.


Wreaths, historically, have a lot of symbolic significance and come from a range of cultures and traditions. They are created from a mixture of evergreen leaves, which can symbolise growth and the cycle of life. They’re a reminder in winter that spring will soon come. In Christianity, the Christmas story is the beginning of Jesus’s life on earth which is completed at Easter when he dies. The red holly berries in the wreath and the thorns on the holly branches remind Christians of Easter, the end of the story that is begun at Christmas. Some people also trace the wreath back to Roman times when the design was used as a sign of victory.


People of all faiths and backgrounds hang wreaths in their windows as a festive decoration. They’ve become a popular symbol of the season, displaying lots of winter plants and Christmas colours. Wreaths can come in a range of different designs too and can be made from material, felt or other craft supplies.


Wreaths are perfect for people who aren’t particularly creative and don’t want to spend too much time on their window display!


Christmas Tree

Placing your Christmas tree in the window of your home is a simple way to brighten up your window and make your house look festive from the outside. It’s particularly effective if you have fairy lights in your tree. Whether you opt for white lights or a mixture of coloured lights, it will create a beautiful effect. It only works if you’re got the blinds up though!


There are loads of Christmas window ideas for your home that you could try this season. If you want a new blind to ensure your window looks at it’s very best, then get in touch with LondonBlinds4U.


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