How to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly

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More and more people are beginning to go green to help save the planet, which is great! Thanks to wildlife documentaries such as Blue Planet II and increased awareness about how we are impacting the environment, more people are prioritising doing what they can to help the environment. From plastic bags to chemical products, people are coming up with new ways to make little changes that will help to make our planet healthier. 



If everyone made just a few small changes, we’d be one step closer to a healthier planet. One place you can make these changes are in your home. There are some easy ways to be eco-friendly in your home without spending thousands of pounds or dramatically changing the way you live. Keep reading for some tips on how to make your home more eco-friendly.


Create a Greener Home


Save Energy

Reducing your energy consumption is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly. There are some easy switches you can make in your home to ensure that you are using less energy. Switch your light bulbs to energy efficient ones, make sure no radiators are blocked by furniture, unplug appliances that aren’t being used, and stop heating unused space. 


For saving energy in the colder months, you should look at your insulation and ways you can reduce the amount of heating you need to use in your home. Double glazed windows with fitted blinds are a fantastic way to help with your insulation. They stop any warm air from escaping while preventing cold air coming in. Here at LondonBlinds4U, we have a range of blinds for you to choose from, no matter what your style. Browse our collection today!


Recycle & Upcycle

Recycling is so important for helping our planet. Waste has a huge negative impact on the environment, releasing harmful chemicals and greenhouse gases when rubbish is in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution that is caused by waste, while also reducing the need for raw materials. Recycling is really easy to do; all you need is dedicated bins in your home for each category and you’re ready to go.


As well as recycling, you should also get into the habit of upcycling. This is when you take an old product, or the materials of an old product, and turn it into something new! For example, if you want to change the colour scheme of your home, instead of throwing out old furniture and replacing it why not considering revamping it? Using eco-friendly furniture paint you can give an old product a whole new life!


Reduce Plastic Use

Plastic is one of the leading causes of environmental damage, taking thousands of years to biodegrade. Plastic takes up valuable space in landfill sites and is polluting the natural environment. Although most plastic is recyclable, single-use plastics (such as water bottles and plastic cups) often end up in landfills. 


There are simple changes you can make to reduce your plastic use at home. Start by making smart choices when shopping – if there is an option to buy the product you want in a non-plastic container, choose that brand instead. You’ll be surprised at how much less plastic you use just from making this small change. You can also get metal straws, metal bottles and biodegradable bin bags to reduce your plastic use.


Ready to help our planet? Making your home more eco-friendly is a great place to start. These are just a few of the simple switches you can make to decrease your carbon footprint and help the planet.

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