Picking the Perfect Kitchen Blinds and Shutters in London

Kitchen Blinds


Finding the perfect blinds or shutters for your kitchen can be quite the task. You’ll want to pick kitchen blinds or shutters that can withstand moisture and the daily wear and tear of this busy room while providing modern elegance or cosy charm. Not just any shutters or blinds will do! Luckily the LondonBlinds4U team are here to help you make the best choice.

Kitchen Blinds and Shutters: What to Consider

From style to practicality, here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right blinds or shutters for your kitchen:


Charming Wooden Shutters

Shutters can add a rustic, country-style charm to any London kitchen. They’re also easy for quickly opening with windows for extra circulation during cooking while maintaining privacy.


We stock a range of wood plantation shutters to suit your needs, including full height shutters, tier on tier shutters, and café style shutters, which are only fixed to the bottom of the window to let in more light. Not sure how to get the right shutters to fit your windows? This isn’t a worry with LondonBlinds4U – all our shutters are made to measure and professionally installed. Find out more about our shutters London by exploring the site.


A Pop of Colour: Stylish Roller Blinds

Add a well-deserved pop of colour to your cherished kitchen space! Roller blinds are available from LondonBlinds4U in a wide array of colours and patterns, instantly adding vibrancy and style to any kitchen space. You can also roll up these blinds partway to take advantage of windowsill space – making them ideal for sharing space with indoor herbs and all your kitchen knickknacks.


Waterproof Kitchen Blinds and Shutters

Want to get the perfect blinds for a window near the sink or other humid areas of the kitchen? Concerned about condensation affecting your new shutters? Thankfully, there is a range of waterproof blinds available for you! LondonBlinds4U can supply you with waterproof roller blinds (made using PVC) and Venetian blinds (in both aluminium and faux wood materials).


When it comes to shutters, faux wood shutters are the way to go when you need moisture resistant window coverings. These shutters look just like the real thing while providing the waterproof qualities you need.


Get in Touch

Ready to update your kitchen windows with lovely new shutters or blinds? Get in touch with LondonBlinds4U today and we will be happy to help. You can even book a design consultation at your time and location of choice for free!

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