Spring Cleaning List And Tips

Spring cleaning is the perfect way to freshen up your house after winter and prepare for the busier seasons of spring and summer. An annual spring clean covers all those cleaning jobs you put off or forget to do to get your home ready for the sunshine! If Marie Kondo isn’t enough to inspire you (or you want a bit extra!) read our spring cleaning list, complete with loads of helpful tips!



Spring Cleaning Tips


Our first tip is to clean your house room by room as this ensures you don’t miss anything! We’ve split our list of spring cleaning jobs by room so you can easily check them off as you go through. It also means that you can easily focus on rooms that need a bit of extra attention and leaving the spaces you clean often until last.


Around the House


Dust the blinds

It’s easy to forget to dust the blinds, but it’s important to keep them clean. Depending on what your blinds are made of, you could wipe them with a damp cloth to remove dirt that has built up through the year! Don’t forget to wash your curtains too! You’ll be amazed at how much dirt will come off them. Pick a sunny day and you’ll be able to hang them outside to dry and air.


Spring cleaning time is also the ideal opportunity to replace old blinds or out-of-date decor. At LondonBlinds4U, we have a massive range of blinds and window shutters available for people throughout London!


Wash the floors

Wash all the floors around your house. If you have stains on your carpets, you could wash those too. If you’re lucky enough to have real hardwood floors, they might need sanding and resurfacing, including oiling, in order to keep them looking great and protected — but you’ll only need to do this every few years.


Wash the walls & woodwork

Dampen a sponge or cloth with warm, soapy water and wash all your walls and woodwork, like skirting boards and door frames. It can seem like an unnecessary task until you rinse out the sponge and see how dirty the water is!


Lights & ceiling fixtures

Ceiling lights and fans get dusty easily and you don’t notice until you go up to change the bulb. Take the opportunity during spring cleaning to dust them.



Hose down and leave outdoor doormats to dry in the sun. Indoor doormats can be washed and dried out too, but it might be enough to just shake them out and then give them a good vacuuming.


Wash windows

Wash both the inside and outside of your windows. Some top tips are to do it when it’s cloudy; too much sunshine will dry the soapy water before you get a chance to wash it off, making streaks more likely! Wash one side of your windows with horizontal strokes and the other with vertical. That way, if you notice a streak, you can tell which side of the window it’s on!


Open windows

While you’re spring cleaning, crack open the windows. It helps to prevent the cleaning smells and fumes building up, but also generally airs out your house after the stuffiness of winter.


Clean your broom and vacuum cleaner

It’s a great time to clean your cleaning equipment! Swish your broom around in warm, soapy water and leave it to dry. Change the bag on your vacuum cleaner, check the hose hasn’t got any build up of hair or dirt and wash the filters by rinsing them thoroughly with warm water and leaving them on a windowsill to dry completely in the sun.

In the Kitchen


Clean under appliances

It might mean shifting the position of your fridge, washing machine and microwave, but it’s worth doing in your annual spring clean. Sweep, hoover and wash under your appliances to get your whole house clean and fresh.


Clean the oven

It might not be the most pleasant of jobs, but there are few as satisfying when they’re done! Use oven cleaner, or an oven cleaning kit, to soak away the grease stains and dirt and wash your oven out, including all the shelves and the glass in the door.


Clear out the fridge & cupboards

Clean out your fridge and cupboards. See what old tins, jars and food items you’ve got in there that have gone out of date. If there are some things that aren’t out of date but you know you’ll never use, see if there’s someone you know you’ll use it. If it’s dry goods that are still in date, you could donate them to your local food bank.


Clean the fridge and cupboards

Once you’ve cleared them out, take the opportunity to deep clean your fridge and cupboards. Wipe them both inside and out, and clean the shelves and drawers.


Defrost the freezer

Use up all your frozen goods and defrost the freezer completely. This is really important to prevent ice build-up and to ensure your freezer works as effectively and energy-efficiently as possible all year around.


Descale the kettle

If you live in an area with hard water, you’ll need to periodically descale your kettle to prevent limescale building up and getting in your drinks! You can buy descaling kits that you simply put into your kettle and let them do the hard work — be sure to follow the instructions on the kit for the best results.



Dirt and stains easily build up between the tiles on the wall and floors. It can be a tedious job, but cleaning your grouting makes a big difference to how your kitchen looks overall.



Clean out your dishwasher. Some appliances will have a cleaning setting, but you can use a dishwasher cleaning solution and run it through your dishwasher while it’s empty.



Your microwave could probably do with being cleaned more than once a year, but it’s not always a job you get around to doing. Use hot soapy water to wash the glass plate and clean the inside — make sure you get every wall and the top ceiling too!


Clean reusable bags

It’s easy to forget to clean your reusable bags, but it’s a quick job: put fabric shopping bags through the washing machine and hang them outside to dry.


Clean the bins

Pour bleach and hot water into your kitchen bins to disinfect and clean them. Leave the solution for at least 15 minutes before pouring it away and using a cloth to give the inside and outside of your bins a good wipe down.


In the Living Room


Recycle old magazines

Have a sort through all the old magazines, newspapers and books you have lying around. Recycle all the old ones and take old books to a charity shop to clear the clutter from your living room.


Wash blankets and throws

All the blankets that are draped on sofas and armchairs during winter will need a wash. Use fabric softener on your blankets to keep them as soft as possible! It’s also a good trick to dry them on the washing line, but then put them in the tumble dryer on low for ten minutes at the end to help fluff them up.



Dust shelves, the tops of books, the TV, lamps, photographs, pictures on the walls… dust everywhere!


Clean the chimney

If you have a real wood fireplace, it’ll need a good cleaning after all the use in winter. Depending on when you last had your chimney swept, it might also be time to call in an expert to do that too. It’s important in order to prevent fire hazards.


In the Bathroom


Sort and declutter

Empty shelves and drawers one at a time, throwing away items you will never use that have accumulated. Check the expiry dates on medicines and supplements, and organise all the little things that have been dumped into drawers and forgotten about!


Wash your bath mat

Put your bath mat through the washing machine and hang it outside to dry in the sunshine.



Like in the kitchen, the grouting between the tiles in your bathroom will need a scrub. Soap and shampoo residue easily build up around the shower, and dust and towel fluff between floor tiles. Cleaning the grouting makes a big difference to how clean your bathroom looks.


Descale the shower head

If you live in an area with hard water, you might notice limescale beginning to build up on your shower head. It blocks the holes in the head and limits the power of the water. Remove the shower head and use a descaling solution to clean it.


In the Bedroom


Clear out the wardrobe and drawers

During a spring clean is the perfect time to sort through your wardrobe and drawers. Make a pile of the clothes and shoes that you don’t wear anymore to take to a charity shop — be brutal! If you’re not sure, then it can probably go! Having a clear wardrobe is a great feeling.



You’ll wash and change your bedsheets frequently, but cleaning your actual mattress is another matter! While the bottom sheet it still on, run a vacuum cleaner over it. Take this opportunity to turn your mattress too. This increases its lifespan and makes it comfier to sleep on.


Air your duvet

On a bright, sunny day, take the cover off your duvet and hang it outside on the washing line to air out. It helps it feel really fluffy too!


In the garden


Clean patio furniture

You’ll be soon using all your patio furniture again! Clean garden furniture with soapy water and rinse them down with the garden hose. Check your wooden furniture and repaint and oil them where needed so everything’s looking great ready for summer.


Spring is the perfect time of year to clean and tidy your home! We hope you’ve found our spring cleaning list and tips helpful. LondonBlinds4U are experts in blinds and shutters in London so if you’re interested in freshening up the look of you home this spring, why not give us a call, pop into our showroom or explore the website?