Window Blinds: Frequently Asked Questions

We have years of experience supplying and fitting London window blinds, which means we’ve heard all the questions! There are some that come up more often than others, however, so we’ve pulled together the frequently asked questions about blinds to help you understand what blind you want and to buy with confidence!


Blind FAQs


Are blackout blinds truly blackout?


Blackout blinds are blinds designed to make your room as dark as possible. They’re lined with thicker and darker material and are most effective in black and other dark colours. While blackout blinds are extremely effective, they usually don’t make your room completely black. This is due to light leakage around the edges of your blind.


Saying this, Velux blinds are extremely effective. As they are fitted into your window frame, there is little to no light leakage.


Blackout blinds are available in roller, roman, vertical and Velux.


Do blinds help with insulation?


Yes, blinds do help with insulation. It depends on the type of blind you have as to how much of an impact it has, but all blinds create an extra layer of material between the window and your room, reducing the amount of heat that can escape — or the amount of warmth that can enter during the summer.


LondonBlinds4U also has specialist insulated blinds. These are made from insulating material which enhances the blind’s natural properties. It helps to keep your home warmer and your heating bills lower!


Is it okay to have blinds in my child’s bedroom?


Yes, of course. At LondonBlinds4U, we only supply blinds that are safe to use and comply with regulations. We have different operating methods available so you don’t have to have a looped cord that could pose a hazard to children, but could have a wand mechanism instead, for example.


What kinds of blinds are best for conservatories?


There’s no reason why you can’t choose any variety of blind or shutter for your conservatory. They do all have different stylistic effects, so it would depend on your room as to which would suit it best.


However, one of the most popular options for conservatories are vertical blinds. These provide the highest levels of control over light and privacy and are therefore often the top choice for the room in your home that needs this the most!


Other types of blinds are still very popular for conservatories. It depends on the look you want to create as to which would work best for you. Wooden blinds often look fantastic. Because of their natural colouring and effect, they go well with the sunlit, natural feel of conservatories.


Is a roller blind the best for blackout?


Roller blinds are a popular choice for blackout blinds as they are made from continuous fabric, rather than slats, minimising light leakage. Roller blinds provide around 80% blackout coverage as they still have gaps around the edges of the blind.


The most effective blind for blacking out a room is a velux blind. These are fixed into the window frame, creating a gap-free effect. It means they’re an excellent choice for blackout blinds.


What are Velux blinds?


Velux blinds are a type of blind that is fitted into the window frame, rather than being fitted in front of the window which causes gaps. Velux blinds slide within the window frame, resulting in no gaps at all. It makes them extremely good blackout blinds, as well as giving the greatest levels of privacy.


Is a Venetian blind the same as a vertical blind?


No, venetian blinds and vertical blinds are different styles of blind, but they are similar. Both have slats and can be made from wood and aluminium. However, the slats on a vertical blind go vertically — downwards — while the slats on a venetian blind go horizontally — across the window.


What are roman blinds?


Roman blinds, like roller blinds, are made from a single continuous piece of fabric, rather than from slats. However, unlike roller, they pull up evenly and fold themselves into a neat design at the top of the window. When they are put down, they are flat and smooth. They’re a stylish design that makes a great choice in a range of rooms from bedrooms to kitchens.


LondonBlinds4U are professional suppliers and fitters of window blinds and shutters. We have a huge range of blinds available in a massive range of styles, colours and patterns. Whatever look you want, you’ll find it with us. Want to know more? Read our blog about what to think about when choosing blinds.


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